We love sunflowers

Summer is in full swing and if you have sown sunflowers, you can see the stems getting longer every day. And with a bit of luck you can quickly see one of your sunflowers open, always a wonderful moment. A flowerpot with sunflower is the shining center of garden and terrace. What different sunflowers are there? And how do you keep them beautiful and healthy for as long as possible?

Sunsation sunflowers

The sunflowers from the Sunsation brand are sensational. They have multiple flower buds and they come in three different colors. This makes the sunflowers also very suitable to give the interior personality. The Sunsation Flame has a cool orange detail for a sultry Indian Summer feeling. Sunsation Lemon is soft yellow, for a quiet and romantic pallet. Sunsation Yellow is the answer to the classic yellow sunflower, but with countless flowers so that you can enjoy your sunflower (s!) all summer long.

How do you care for sunflowers?

Sunflowers are good drinkers. They like a large and constant supply of water. In the soil this is usually not such a big problem, as the roots can look deeper into the soil for moisture. Unfortunately, a sunflower that is in a pot does not have this option. Water your pot sunflower every day to prevent it from hanging. If your pot has a drainage hole at the bottom, you can choose to place a dish of water under the pot. But there is a better solution.

Super summer tip

All Artstone pots have a drainage system that keeps the roots free of too much water. But did you know that the system also functions as a water reservoir? How handy. The system is for outside and inside. For outdoor use, remove the plug at the bottom of the pot, so that too much water runs away. We designed that to overcome colder rainy periods. But in the summer you can push the plug back into the pot. Carefully give the sunflower a good dose of water, and more water will remain in the soil. This how you keep a sunflower happy and shiny.

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