Artstone is a Ter Steege brand, we make special sustainable flower pots for inside and outside with a special drainage system. They are weather-resistant and future-proof. They are made of very strong material and have a powerful look and feel. In addition, they are resistant to all weather conditions. They are colourfast, break and impact resistant and very light weight, so also easy to move. Do you have a question about Artstone and our pots? Chances are that your question will be answered below. If, after reading, you still have questions, we invite you to send an email to elker@tersteege.nl.

Who designs Artstone pots?

Artstone pots are designed by our in-house designers, they are timeless and stylish. Our goal is to create beautiful pots that you enjoy every day, now and for many years to come. The drainage system is also our own creation and development. The drainage system is integrated in the pot and therefore invisible, fashionable and ingenious.

How are Artstone pots made?

All our pots are made from recycled plastic and natural stone powder. These substances are mixed and sprayed in a mold. The structure created by spraying ensures that every pot looks a little different. The result is a unique eco-friendly pot, future-proof in strength and design.

Are Artstone pots sustainable?

We can be brief about that: “Yes!” The term sustainability has several meanings for us. The basis lies in making a reliable, future-proof and beautiful product made from responsible raw materials. An Artstone pot is made for the future. You can see that, and feel that. All our pots are made of 100% recycled plastic and natural stone powder, and they are also fully recyclable. In addition, Artstone pots are equipped with our own unique drainage system. A sustainable system that contributes positively to easy gardening and, last but not least, the lifespan of plants. We notice that in the conversation about sustainability the focus is on the flowerpot. Understandable, but isn’t it the nature that matters most? We promise that we will never lose sight of plant health. Plants stay beautiful longer in an Artstone pot!

How does the drainage system work?

Artstone pots have a special and unique drainage system designed to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you and your plants. The drainage system is our own creation and development, and is truly unique! The system is integrated in the pot and therefore invisible. Quite different from the old-fashioned dish under the flowerpot. We love many plants, and healthy plants, and every plant needs personal attention. It is not always easy to estimate exactly how much water a plant needs, certainly not with the sometimes unpredictable weather conditions. We have therefore designed a drainage system that keeps the roots of plants free from too much water, but where they can still reach the water when they are thirsty. The system can be found in the bottom of the flowerpot. The excess water seeps down and is collected in the reservoir. If you use the flower pot outside, first remove the plug in the bottom. Because when the reservoir becomes full, the excess water runs out. In dry weather, the plant with its roots can reach the water in the reservoir, thus providing for its own water needs. This way your plants will last a lot longer. When planting your plants you can simply use hydro pellets and potting soil. For more explanation about the drainage system, watch this video.

Why does the drainage system not work?

Artstone’s drainage system works perfectly if you follow the following steps:
1. Remove the plant from the liner and pot it in the Artstone pot with hydro granules and potting soil.
2. Do you use the pot inside? Leave the plug in the bottom of the pot ????
3. The water reservoir ensures that the plant has a buffer. If you use the pot outside, remove the plug at the bottom so that the excess water can drain out. Don’t throw the plug away, but keep it somewhere safe.

Drainagesysteem in Artstone bloempot

Can Artstone pots discolor due to UV radiation?

No, Artstone pots are colorfast. Our pots do not discolour due to UV radiation or direct sunlight.

Can an Artstone break due to frost?

An Artstone pot is resistant to all weather conditions. If you use the flowerpot in the way it was intended for, it cannot freeze. Always fill a pot with 1/3 hydro granules and then place the soil and the plant. Artstone Indoor pots are not meant for outdoors, but can also withstand rough weather conditions. If it freezes, it is advisable to bring the indoor pots inside.

How heavy is an Artstone pot?

An Artstone pot is lightweight and therefore easy to move. It looks heavy, that is because of the special plastic-stone mix that it is made of. A small Artstone Pot weighs around 200 grams, while a large Artstone Pot, for example 90 cm high, weighs 7 kilos. It is mainly the soil and the plant in the pot that determine the weight.

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