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Plants live longer in an Artstone pot

Artstone is a special brand that makes beautiful, durable flower pots for indoors and outdoors with a unique drainage system. The pots are weatherproof and future-proof. They are made of very strong recycled and natural material and have a powerful look and feel. In addition, they are colourfast and extremely lightweight, so they are easy to move. Do you have a question about Artstone and our pots? The odds are that your question will be answered below. If you still have questions after reading, we warmly invite you to contact us.

How are Artstone pots made?

All our pots are made from recycled plastic and natural stone powder. The ratio differs per series. These materials are mixed and sprayed into a mould. The structure that is created by spraying ensures that every pot looks slightly different. The result is a unique pot, unwavering in its strength and design.

Are Artstone pots durable?

We can be brief about that: Yes!’ The term sustainability has several meanings for us. It is based on making a reliable, future-proof and beautiful product, made from responsible raw materials. An Artstone pot is made with an eye to the future. This can be seen and felt. All our pots are made from recycled plastic and stone powder, and are themselves fully recyclable. In addition, Artstone pots are equipped with our own unique drainage system. A sustainable system that contributes in a positive way to trouble-free and enjoyable gardening, not to mention the lifespan of plants. We would like to point this out, as we have noticed that when talking about sustainability, the focus is usually on the material of the flower pot. Understandable, but isn’t it about nature? We promise that we will not lose sight of the health of plants. Plants live longer in an Artstone pot!

Where can I buy Artstone pots?

Many garden centres sell Artstone pots. In addition to garden centres, there are also specialist shops, florists, shops and construction centres that have included us in their range. Here, you can find a list of sales outlets and find out which shop is closest to you. If you wish to order online, please check our list of web shops.

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How does the drainage system work?

Artstone pots feature a special drainage system to make life as easy as possible for plants and their caregivers. The drainage system is Artstone’s own creation and development, and is truly unique! The system has multiple functions, and is integrated into the pot and therefore invisible. Very different from the old-fashioned saucer under the flower pot!

Did you give your plant too much water? No problem, because the excess water ends up in the reservoir. This reservoir serves as a water storage. So thirsty roots can always drink.

In case too much water ends up in the pot, for example after a heavy shower, then the overflow comes to the rescue. As soon as the reservoir is completely filled with water, the water does not flow back into the pot, but flows away via the overflow.

Are you using an Artstone pot indoors? Make sure that the plug is properly seated in the bottom, and take care when watering. Before placing an Artstone pot outside, always remove the plug from the bottom. This protects the plant against root rot and the pot is fully frost-resistant. Wow!

It seems that the drainage system doesn’t do its job

That’s a pickle! Perhaps something went wrong. Artstone’s drainage system works perfectly if you follow these simple tips:

Tip 1: Repotting
Remove the plant from the cultivation pot and pot it with hydro grains and potting soil directly into the Artstone pot. See below. A plant with a grow pot in it cannot reach the built-in water reservoir with its roots!

Tip 2: Indoor
Are you using the pot indoors? Press the plug firmly into the bottom and be careful when watering. With a matching, trendy saucer under the pot, you are on the safe side.

Tip 3: Outdoor
Will you be using the pot outside? Remove the plug from the bottom for proper drainage.  This way excess water can drain out. Store the plug well. This way you can always bring the plant inside during the winter.

How do I pot a plant?

To keep pot and plant as strong and beautiful as possible, we recommend this method of potting for both indoor and outdoor use. For outside use, remove the plug from the soil.

1) Fill the pot for about 1/3 or 1/4 with hydro grains. This ensures good drainage.

2) Fill the pot with the correct potting soil and plant.

3) Press the plant well and water.

Can Artstone pots become discoloured by UV radiation?

No, Artstone pots are colourfast. Our pots do not discolour under the influence of UV rays or direct sunlight. What they do do in sunlight and any other light is play with the incidence of light, so that your pot always looks different and always surprises you.

How heavy is an Artstone pot?

An Artstone pot is lightweight and therefore easy to move. It looks especially heavy, which is due to the special plastic-stone mix from which it is made. A small Artstone Pot weighs almost nothing, about 200 grams, while a large Artstone Pot, say 90 cm high, weighs 7 kilos. It is therefore mainly the soil and the plant in the pot that determine the weight. Due to the weight in the pot, especially with the larger pots, we recommend that you always lift pots by the bottom with both hands. Never move pots by pulling on the rim.

Can an Artstone pot break during frosty weather?

An Artstone pot is resistant to all weather conditions and should not be able to break under freezing conditions. However, you must use the pot in the correct manner. Always pot a plant in accordance with our potting method. You can read that above.

What should I do in case of damage/warranty?

As a buyer/customer, you must always submit warranty and damage issues to the relevant point of sale, the shop where you bought the product. A point of sale is responsible for the sale of their products and for further communication with the consumer, i.e. with you. As a supplier, we cannot and will not interfere in this. Every request is different and our experience is that retailers handle this very carefully. The point of sale then communicates with us (the supplier) about the possible replacement of a product. It is as simple as that!

There are a few conditions when it comes to reporting damage and making a warranty claim:

  • You have treated the pot according to the guidelines on the sticker. The seller can determine whether this is the case.
  • You have potted the plant according to our method of potting. See above.
  • Always move a pot by lifting it. Do not lift or pull the edge. The weight in the pot can cause it to break.
  • Always take the receipt with you to be able to prove that you bought the pot there.
  • Take the pot (or good photos) back to the shop where you bought it and clearly show what the problem is.
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