Interior trend 2020: Down Under

Artstone’s number one prio is to always be sustainable and responsible. But we also go along with the trends. This is partly due to our timeless design, which can simply be combined with most trends and styles. That’s sustainability too! We like to demonstrate this with our Oak colourful series. A colour that’s been successful with us for many years and is steamingly hot this year. We’re now presenting this colour in a different setting, just because we can. Welcome to Down Under!

East meets west

Interior trend 2020 Down Under is inspired by the colour of Ayers Rock in Australia. Ayers Rock or Uluru, is a huge rock formation in the middle of the arid center of Australia, an area characterized by terra and oak-colored sand. This desert-like rock region is one of a kind, and really not comparable to any other place on earth. It is owned by the Aborigines, a native people who cling to their own traditions and natural way of life, in a country that is slowly westernizing. Uluru is a very important religious place for the Aborigines.

Back to basics

The beauty of this panoramic view is unprecedented and reminiscent of classic Westerns. Tourists love this wonderful spiritual place. It gives a feeling of ‘back to basic’. And that is totally contemporary. We long for more nature around us. We appreciate old traditions with a renewed look. There is respect for traditional crafts and indigenous cultures again. In this residential trend 2020, east meets west.

Nature, comfort and convenience

We look for comfort in a warm, natural environment. This includes environmentally friendly products in warm tones. Recycled materials play an important role in this. And of course we see a lot of green! As far as plants are concerned, you’ll find tough, strong plants in this trend that can take a beating. This also suits the natural habitat of the wild Ayers Rock, but is also an answer to the desire of Western consumers. Yes, we want more green, but we can no longer tolerate plants dying. That is why we look for peace and convenience in plants that feel at home in our interiors.

Plants that perfectly fit this trends:

  • Sansevieria
  • Cactus
  • Succulents
  • Aloë Vera
  • Zamioculcas
  • Maori
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