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In september summer meets autumn and as the weather slowly gets a bit darker and wetter we are heading more and more indoors. During this transition we can use a little extra colour and ambiance to soften the changeover. A beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table does the magic. How to create your own centerpiece? Follow styliste Lisanne her hands on tips

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Garden plant of September: The palm

If it was up to September the summer is far from over and we couldn’t agree more. The houseplant of the month is firm and deep green, it’s the tropical garden palmtree. Our favorites are the yucca and date palm. In this long and warm aftersummer you may even expect real dates.

These beautiful and exotic appearances are the ideal plants for this time a year. Place a palm in a Claire Artstone planter under the shading, or decorate the front entry of the house with a palm in a Maud. Is it getting colder? No worries, just place the palm with planter inside as the Artstone pots don’t weight that much! They look robust and heavy but in fact they are incredibly lightweighted.

An Artstone planter with palm is an awesome eye catcher for indoors and outdoors, all year round!

Indoor themes for 2019

Tropical Botanic

Bring more plants and green in the home. Create a botanical ambiance in your own urban jungle with colorful wooden items, natural materials and lots, lots of beautiful pots and greens. The more the merrier!

Denim Raw

Denim Raw is tough and chic with authentic accents. A cool style with natural elements. Dark blue has a key role to this inspirational theme. Implement this style in the interior and combine with deep, warm colors like green and rusty tones.

Lovely Nature

Show your love for nature with pastels and soft natural shades like heavenly blue, minty green and mouse grey. Decorate with birds, matt pots and lovely lifestyle items. Discovering, whistling, romantic!

The drainage system in an Artstone flowerpot

Not only are Artstone flowerpots beautiful, they are also extremely functional. Every Artstone flowerpot is equipped with a drainage system, found at the bottom of the flowerpot. Any excess water trickles down and is collected in the reservoir. If you use the flowerpot outdoors, then remove the plug in the bottom. When the reservoir is full, the excess water will leave from the overflow. In dry conditions the plant’s roots can draw on the water in the reservoir so that it fulfils its own water needs. This extends the lifespan of your plants. When potting your plants, just use potting soil.

From a boring fence to a sea of flowers!

A fence or wall is incredibly useful to create instant privacy in your garden, but it’s not very atmospheric. Fortunately, there are solutions for turning your boring fence into something beautiful – get to work on vertical gardening! With vertical gardening, you head upwards and cover your walls and fences with greenery. Alongside flowerpots, in the Artstone collection you will also find ironwork racks and hangers. There are racks for anywhere between one and nine Artstone flowerpots. You can easily attach the rack to the fence. Both the racks and these colourful flowerpots can be found in your nearest garden centre, where you can also buy these cheerful summer bloomers. This is how you conjure your boring fence into a splendid sea of flowers.

A mini pond from Artstone

Often your terrace or balcony has no space for a real pond, but if you really enjoy water in your garden, then a mini pond is an ideal solution. A mini pond can be created easily – all it takes is a visit to a garden centre!

In the garden centre you will find the so-called Aquaplanter by Artstone. Here you will also find water plants and floating plants, suitable for ponds and mini ponds. Water plants are available in a variety of forms, and your mini pond will become even nicer if you also add a tall plant. A mini pond needs little maintenance, and you will see that the birds will also enjoy their new ‘water bowl’!

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