Flowerpot Celine

This is Celine, the youngest member of the Artstone family. Flowerpot Celine is designed specifically for indoor use, and like all Artstone pots, features our famous drainage system.

The design

Celine is a round flowerpot with a straight, modern finish. Simple and clean for a contemporary look. The nice rounding at the bottom provides softness and a timeless feel. Flower Pot Celine is available in four sizes and five colors. The classic Artstone colors Black, Oak and Grey. In addition, she is available in fresh Thyme color and minimalist White.

Flowerpot Celine as a hanging pot

She is equipped with a clever and unique drainage system, which helps plants live longer. You can see it as an invisible water reservoir. This system is a godsend for plants that are hard to reach, such as hanging plants. Thanks to its design and built-in system, Celine is the ideal pot to hang in a stylish flower pot pendant.

As you can see, Celine is a flower pot with a forward-looking design. Artstone offers a modern eco-friendly collection of flower pots. Made from an eco-friendly blend of recycled plastic and natural stone powder. Artstone planters are 100% recyclable. The pot of today, made for the future..

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