In september summer meets autumn and as the weather slowly get a bit darker and wetter we are heading more and more indoors. During this transition we can use a little extra colour and ambiance to soften the changeover. A beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table does the magic. Create your own centerpiece in a stunning vase, what would be cooler? Josh gives you a hand because he is 100% watertight and beautiful to watch, he is the perfect candidate. How to create your own centerpiece? Follow styliste Lisanne her hands on tips:



Choose a style or theme
Are you going colourful and Bohemian or maybe more romantic and sweet, or totally cool and rugged? For this blog we had a good run.

Determine where you want to place your centerpice, on the table or on a stool in front of a coloured

wall? What will be the underground and background? What colours suite this spot?

The vase
Which Josh are you going to use? The anthracite, platinum of saphire? It doesn’t matter, all Artstone Josh colours are a sight for sore eyes.


Choose a colorpalet for the centerpiece
To be honest, you may skip this step, I believe all the colors flowers are great together. Dont’be afraid to mix colours like orange and pink. As you can see a bouqeut with pink pineapples and remarkable yellow and orange items go well on different coloured backgrounds. So just go for it. Fearlessness is everything!

Style tips
Mix different shapes and textures.
Different lengthes to create spatiality and a roomy feeling.
Place the flowers in the Josh one after another and start with the biggest items.

Care tips
Cut the stalks sideways so the flowers can easily absorb water.
Clean the water often and take out rotten flowers directly. This way your centerpiece will stay beautiful and fresh longer and the autumn will stay out just a little longer.


During the proces of creating this magnificent masterpiece I recommend you to sometimes take a step back to gain a better overview. Are you happy? Well what are you waiting for, enjoy the after summer.

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